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Bivio Events Inc. brings business people together to share their experiences and knowledge, gain new insights, cultivate relationships, make deals, and feel part of a unique community.

Conferences are at the heart of our offerings, because they take attendees away from their usual environments and distractions, focus attention for a period of time on issues of great significance, lead to valuable new contacts (both planned and unforeseen), and are excellent for relationship building. We also use electronic media to supplement the impact of these conferences, in order to further promote the flow of information and sense of belonging to a community.


James Shenkman

Jim Shenkman, President and CEO of Bivio Events Inc., has produced over 65 conferences in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, and Scottsdale. Most have been in the fields of broadcasting, media production, and marketing and were produced in association with five trade publications that Jim launched: Playback and Strategy in Canada and internationally, KidScreen, Realscreen, and Boards.

Through Bivio Events Inc., Jim more recently produced Expand in the USA.

Exapand in the USA.

This event targeted small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) in Canada. The conference focused on the interest of these SMEs in expanding, or further expanding, in the U.S. market, as well as financing opportunities to support this kind of growth. Of the SME executives attending, 87% were founders, CEOs, COOs, Chairpersons, CFOs, Controllers, and Vice Presidents, representing a broad range of industry sectors. The presenting sponsors were Export Development Canada and the Province of Ontario. Gold sponsors were the law firm, Dickinson Wright LLP; HSBC Bank Canada; and UPS Canada.

Jim is known for bringing business communities together in unique ways, in order to promote the sharing of experiences and ideas and facilitate new and valuable networking opportunities. Two of the conferences that he launched, in his former company, have become the largest in the world in the children's entertainment and factual entertainment sectors: Realscreen Summit in Washington, DC (over 2,500 attendees) and KidScreen Summit in New York (over 1,600 attendees.)

Jim sold his first publication and conference business in 2007. Having begun with just five employees and a single publication in Canada, he went on to develop the majority of the company's revenues from the United States and other global markets. He has dealt with many of the challenges facing Canadian small and medium size enterprises, as they seek to expand in the U.S. market. This appreciation and experience, combined with his passion for organizing conferences led him to found Bivio Events Inc. in 2014.


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